Island View Lodge


Property Type Motels
Status New Featured
Business Name Island View Lodge
Address 6255 Marine Dr. Powell River
Sales / Y 460000
Bedrooms 30
Lot Size 0.584 acres

Located on the upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, this city offers a mix of urban and rural living in a naturally beautiful setting with the population of about 23,000.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, natural forest and the ocean, it attracts many tourists while the main industry was forestry before. 

                                                                            Detailed Information

Address : 6255 Marine Ave. Powell River BC

Lot Size : 0.584 Acre

PID : 009-715-568 / 009-715-576 / 009-715-584

No. of Rooms : 30 plus manager suites

Yearly revenue : About $460,000+

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