Ramada Inn


Property Type Hotels
Status New Featured
Business Name Ramada Inn
Province BC
Address BC, Canada
Sales / Y 1,040,000+
Lot Size 1.05 Acre / 45,738 Sqft

Ramada Inn 

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Detailed Information

50+ Rooms / Restaurant 
Sales per Year: $ 1,040,000+ 


Business Environment
- Restaurant leased 
- 1.05 Acre / 45,738 Sqft
- Closer than Vancouver Island 
- 2.5 - 3 hours drive from Vancouver / 271 km
- TOLKO, Saw Mill appointed as Thermo Energy Company
(with woodchip operation / 3-4 yrs sound business expected)
- Teresan Gas Pipe Tunnel operation for the upcoming 2-3 yrs
- Located along the highway and hub city to major citites
- Over 8,000 people / Summer Tourist attractions /
- Camping, Golfing, Hiking and Biking

$ 1 M renovation/upgrade recently

Immigration available property


No Direct Contact with On-Site Management 
TIM SEO / PHONE 604-358-2111
Sutton Group-1st West Realty 118-3030 Lincoln Avenue Coquitlam, BC VIY 2E5

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